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BeneFit Arthro™

Regain the strength and mobility of your thumb.

BeneFit Arthro is a non-medical device to support the basal joint of the thumb without restricting its range of motion. BeneFit Arthro combines the principles of modern technology, biomechanics, assumptions of physiotherapy and traditional medicine.

BeneFit Arthro™

Get rid of the pain caused by thumb arthritis or repetitive overuse and enjoy the activities as you did before.


Designed to

ensure the accuracy of matching insets to stabilize the basal joint, avoiding circumferential compression of the hand.



natural massage and pain relief; stimulation to perform exercises to strengthen your thumb.


Does not

squeeze the unbalanced muscles of the thumb; nor arteries; nor cover the palm of the hand; nor increase hand sweating.


Can be

worn while performing regular exercises and daily activities, i.e. washing, DIY, hand writing, or just after intense hand exercises.

Why choose BeneFit Arthro™

Because it has to fit the user's needs to bring mutual benefits.

Physical activity can reduce pain and improve physical function by about 40% as study from 2018, from the Leading Authority on Arthritis & Related Diseases shows. Nonetheless, the exercises for the thumb are quite painful and cause considerable discomfort during their performance, at least during the warm-up. 

BeneFit Arthro was created on the basis of own long and painful experience with post-traumatic arthritis and sprained thumb.


Thumb condition

If you feel discomfort or pain around the base of the thumb, or you have already diagnosed arthritis of the basal (CMC) joint, or excessive and repetitive work causes tingling and numbness - this product is for you. 


Natural massage

Elastic insets apply physical pressure on specific areas providing natural massage and pain relief. It's your muscles that are responsible for the functioning of the thumb. Do not replace them with sheet metal.


No immobilization

Immobilization decreases muscle strength, which in turn decreases joint stability. BeneFit Arthro focuses on the basal (CMC) joint, providing support during thumb muscle contraction, and does not decrease thumb function.



You need to perform exercises to strengthen your thumb. You can quickly see and feel the effects and you will soon notice what you have not been able to do before, when you did not have BeneFit Arthro.


Move freely

Repetitive thumb movement and overuse cause tenderness, stiffness and throbbing pain felt in muscles, nerves and tendons. Stretch your muscles and use BeneFit Arthro afterwards, and you will feel the difference over time. You do not have to wear it all day long.


Grasp firmly

Basal joint (CMC) arthritis makes it practically impossible to perform basic activities painlessly. On the other hand, you must perform specific exercises for the condition of your thumb. BeneFit Arthro will help you in exercising your thumb regularly to strengthen its muscles. You will feel the improvement.


Do your task precisely

The more often and longer you immobilize your thumb, the more you deteriorate its condition. BeneFit Arthro focuses its action on the basal joint without restricting excessively its natural range of motion since the base of the thumb takes an active part in the exercises. 



In response to frequently asked questions about BeneFit Arthro, we post answers to some of them to provide basic information and save your time.


1x   BeneFit Arthro™  (Left or Right)

Be aware that it is a customized product based on sizing given by the user. When ordering, follow the provided instructions.

NOK 660


2x   BeneFit Arthro™  (A pair)

Be aware that it is a customized product based on sizing given by the user. When ordering, follow the provided instructions.

NOK 1200 NOK 1320

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