A group of automated, robotic, customizable devices toward human needs. 

We conduct research and work on projects in the field of mechatronics, robotics, materials and personal products.

Personal Exoskeleton
To assist when you stride toward daily activities.
A wearable device, which extends the walking range of people with weakened physical mobility. 

Active Wearables
Actuation, distress signal, power and control systems for personal use.

Contract Work And Individual Projects On Demand

We carry out projects on request!

We have a wealth of successful experience in developing unique solutions as the basis for filing patent applications. Some of them already have the status of granted patents.

We also have experience in preparing from scratch and writing full patent documentation in the field of offshore / oil & gasmedical devices, robotics and machinery.
If you need help in this regard, we are open to discuss it with you.

If your project requires well-designed and carefully selected solutions that should be remarkable, please contact us.

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