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We accept international orders.
If your country is not on the list below, send us an email.


We need 3 (three) measurements of your hands, so that we can select the right size of BeneFit Arthro for you.

Measure the palm circumference, excluding and including the thumb, as well as the size according to our loop, as shown in the pictures below. We will ask you about these sizes in the email that you'll receive after placing your order.
Make sure the measuring tape fits snugly in your hand to give accurate measurements.

Size #1

The hand should be on a flat surface.
Do not measure in the air.


Non-stretchy string

Take a non-stretchy string (twine). You will need a string of about 1 meter (or 1 yard).


Make a loop

Fold it in half to make a loop (do not tie it).


Put the small finger

Put the small finger in the loop.


Fit the loop

Pull the string, fitting it so that the loop is on the MCP joint of the small finger.


Wrap around

Wrap around on the wrist to the other side. The string should not be loose.


Return to the thumb

Return to the thumb with the end of the string.


Wrap around the MCP joint

Wrap the thumb with a string from its outside. 
Make sure the string wraps the MCP joint of the thumb.


Mark the string closer to the thumb

Mark the string on the intersection with a line closer to the thumb.
The string is folded double, so mark both. 


Measure the length

Unroll the string and measure exactly the length of the section between the marked points.


Size #2 

Measure your hand excluding thumb.


Size #3

Measure your hand including thumb.

Shipping worldwide

All shipments are sent via a verified courier service along with the package tracking number to check its status.
Prices include the cost of items, its packaging, shipping and export declaration fee, and are based on a shipment weight of 1 kg, depending on the region of the world. Shipping abroad is not subject to VAT.


Zone 1

Belgium (BE), Denmark (DK), Estonia (EE), Finland (FI), Germany (DE), Ireland (IE), Luxembourg (LU), Monaco (MC), Netherlands (NL), Norway (NO), Slovenia (SI), Sweden (SE), United Kingdom (UK) 

1 item = NOK 660
+ shipping NOK 117
(about USD 88)


Zone 2

Andorra (AD), Liechtenstein (LI), Switzerland (CH)

1 item = NOK 660
+ shipping NOK 251 
(about USD 103)


Zone 3

Canada (CA), United States (US)

1 item = NOK 660
+ shipping NOK 315
(about USD 110)


Zone 4

Canary Islands (IC), Gibraltar (GI), Greenland (GL), Iceland (IS), Malta (MT), Turkey (TR)

1 item = NOK 660
+ shipping NOK 332
(about USD 112)


Zone 5

Australia (AU), Bahrain (BH), New Zealand (NZ), United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar (QA)

1 item = NOK 660
+ shipping NOK 356
(about USD 115)


Zone 6

Argentina (AR), Bolivia (BO), Brazil (BR), Chile (CL), Colombia (CO), Nepal (NP), South Africa (ZA)

1 item = NOK 660
+ shipping NOK 378
(about USD 118)


Zone 7

Cape Verde (CV), French Polynesia (PF), Guam (GU), Kiribati (KI), Virgin Islands (VI) 

1 item = NOK 660
+ shipping NOK 399
(about USD 120)

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