There is no certainty. However, the current research and reviews of many users suggest that it helps most, which allows us to believe that it will help you too.

Of course you can swim with Benefit Arthro. That's not a problem in case of snorkeling or freediving. However, we do not recommend diving for more than 5 minutes without a SCUBA set.

Nothing immediately! Wait a few more minutes and you will feel the difference. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

We don't know your neighbor, but you'll definitely be able to show us your raised thumb on social media. 

Well, first of all, it's not a splint. Secondly, any sufficiently advanced technology may seem like magic.

If you tear our thumb brace apart while wearing it, you won't need it anymore because you probably lost your hand.

Well, the users of our product say that other toys and treatments can't compare to BeneFit Arthro.

Your thumb stops hurting, you can move it more freely, you build its strength with exercises, the functioning of your hand increases, you can go back to your favorite job, continue your hobby, and this causes a smile on your face.

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